The Electron Probe Microanalyzer (EPMA) or "microprobe" is an instrument that could perform non-destructive chemical analysis in small areas of solid materials. The Jeol-JXA 8230 EPMA housed at the UP-NIGS is currently the only microprobe in the Philippines. The specimen to be analyzed is bombarded by an electron beam which would then emit x-rays with wavelengths characteristic to specific elements.

The EPMA is equipped with wavelength-dispersive spectrometer (WDS) and energy-dispersive spectrometer (EDS) for qualitative and quantitative analysis sensitive down to ppm level. EPMA is also capable of SEM and BSE imaging and equipped with visible light optics for a wide range of image types.

The EPMA can also show element distribution and relative concentrations in a specific area of a sample through different colors.