Research projects

Ongoing projects

·         Marine and onshore investigation of the Manila subduction zone (DOST  MECO-TECO, 2020-2023)

·         Growth of an island arc: Tectonic consequences and human impacts (DOST  MECO-TECO, 2021-2024)

·         Evaluating the gas hydrate potential of the Manila Trench and adjacent regions (UP – Energy Research Fund, 2019-2020)

·        Geophysical potential field investigation of the Macolod Corridor and adjacent regions: Structure, heat flow, and rifting near the southern  terminus of the Manila subduction zone (OVPAA Balik PhD, 2018-2021)

Completed projects

·        Mineralization characteristics of the Suyoc epithermal deposits, Mankayan, Benguet, Philippines (UP-OVCRD, 2018-2019)

·      Host rock control on epithermal gold mineralization: Clues from Sangilo epithermal vein system and vicinity (OVPAA Balik PhD, 2017-2019)

·        Heavy rain monitoring and forecasting in the mountainous area and early warning for landslides (DOST-GIA; MECO-TECO, 2017-2019)

·     Geochemical behavior of Sc and REE in weathered nickel laterite in the Philippines: Constraints from LA-ICPMS and EPMA analyses of laterite profiles from Palawan and Nonoc Islands (OVPAA-ECWRG, 2017-2018)

·        Integrative studies on the geodynamics of the Philippines and Taiwan arc systems (DOST-GIA; MECO-TECO, 2016-2019)

·    Elucidating the tectonomagmatic evolution of Luzon island: New constraints from the petrological signatures of the Dos Hermanos Mélange, Ilocos Norte (OVCRD, 2019)

·        Elucidating the relationship of the Pujada Ophiolite and Bitaogan Metamorphics: Contributions to the better understanding of the geologic evolution of Mindanao island (OVPAA ECWRG, 2015-2017)


·     Petrology and geochemistry of mantle xenoliths: Implications on the evolution of the mantle wedge beneath the Philippine island arc system (OVPAA Balik PhD, 2015-2017)

·        Ten years after the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment of the Laguna de Bay: Towards a sustainable future (OVPAA-EIDR, 2015-2017)

·        Spatio-temporal controls on gold mineralization of the Masara gold district, Philippines (USAID STRIDE CARWIN, 2015-2016)

·        Paleomagnetism of the Amnay Ophiolite: Constraining the translation history of a South China Sea oceanic fragment (DOST-NRCP, 2013-2014)

·      The Second Phase of the Philippines-Taiwan Integrated Geodynamics Project (Philippines-Taiwan Collaboration on Geosciences) (DOST-GIA, 2011-2015)

·      Establishing the history of the Philippine island arc system: Clues from the rocks of the Zambales-Pangasinan region (DOST-GIA, 2010-2013)

·        Integrative data archiving for disaster risk management (PCIERD-GIA, 2010-2012)

·      Enhancing communities' capacity to confront extreme geo-meteorological events at the core of climate change symposia series (DOST-PCIERD, 2009-2010)


·        Arc – continent collision in west central Philippines: Implications on natural hazards (DOST-GIA, 2007-2010)

·      Determining the effect of the M/T Solar I oil spill on the quality of groundwater in Guimaras Island through geophysical surveys (DOST-PCASTRD, 2007-2009)

·       A geochemical approach on the provenance signatures of the Klondyke and Zigzag formations and its implication on the oceanic to island-arc setting evolution of the Baguio Mineral District, Philippines (DOST-NRCP, 2007-2009)

·       Evidence of the west-central Philippine collision zone in the Buruanga Peninsula and vicinity: Implications on geohazards, mineralization and energy resource potentials (DOST-PCIERD, 2006-2008)

·      The search for groundwater in a geologically complex area: Evaluating the effects of tectonism on the groundwater system in some islands in the Romblon Province (DOST-PCIERD, 2005-2007)

·        Geophysical, geological and geochemical investigations of the arc – continent collision zone in the Romblon, Tablas and Sibuyan Islands, Romblon Province (DOST-PCIERD, 2003-2005)

·        Delineating the collision zone in Central Philippines and Palawan using seismic intensity data inversion (UP-OVCRD, 2003-2004)

·    Characterization of the paleosurface signatures of the Pantingan gold system in Bagac, Bataan, Philippines: Implications to mineral exploration (DOST–PCIERD, 2002-2005)

·        Geochemistry of the oceanic basement complex of Leyte island: Role of ephemeral marginal basins in the evolution of Central Philippines (DOST–NRCP, 2001-2003)

·        Geological baselining of hill-based subdivisions in Antipolo and Montalban areas (University of the Philippines - Center for Integrative and Development Studies [UP-CIDS], 2000)


·      Southeastern Luzon volcanic arc chain: Controls on crustal thickness, source region fertility and magmatic evolution (DOST-PCASTRD, 1999-2002)

·        Zamboanga Peninsula: Geological characterization of a new mining district (DOST-PCIERD, UP-CIDS, 1998-2001)

·        Geomorphological and geological profiling of Mati, Davao Oriental (Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology - Commission on Higher Education, 1998-1999)

·        Geology and geochemistry of Philippine ophiolite and ophiolitic complexes (DOST-GIA, RP-France Project, 1997-2005)

·        A study of the Bohol crust-mantle suites emplaced in contrasting tectonic environments (DOST-GIA, 1997-2001)

·        Characterization of the flooding problem in Metro Manila (DOST-NRCP, 1996-2000)

·     REE, PGE and Au analyses of dunites in ophiolitic mantle sequences (The University of Hong Kong & the Hong Kong Research Grant Council, 1997-1999)

·      Geochemical and geophysical characterization of the Subic Bay Fault Zone: Towards an understanding of its tectonic setting (DOST-NRCP) (1995-1996)

·     Across arc variation in the Pinatubo - Arayat transect: Degree of partial melting, mantle source region or tectonic control signature? (DOST-National Academy of Science and Technology [NAST], 1994-1997)

·        Structural geology of the Marikina Valley and its implication on perennial flooding of human settlement areas (UP-ORC, 1994-1995)

·       Determination of sulfur saturation in the search for platinum group of minerals and other associated precious metals (DOST-GIA, 1992-1996)

·     Petrological-based model of ophiolite-hosted mineralization (chromitites, massive sulfides, platinum group of elements): Toward an understanding on the tectonic environment control for these deposits (DOST-GIA and UP, 1992-1995)

·      Petrology and geochemistry of a marginal basin basement complex: Example from the Baguio Mining District, Luzon (UP - Office of Research Coordination [ORC], 1992-1993)

·      Petrological characterization of the mineral deposits, by-products and tailings of the Dinagat Ophiolite Complex, Mindanao (DOST-PCIERD, 1992-1993)