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.: October 2008 RPSM2inT Symposium successfully convened

.: 15 Feb 2008 Dr. Dimalanta and Leo Armada 3rd Place, 7th Regional (NCR Cluster) S&T Competition, DOST-PCIERD

RPSM2inT Symposium successfully convened last Oct. 2-4, 2008

The RPSM2inT Symposium was successfully carried out last week at the Sulo Hotel.  We had a good number of people (around 150) who participated in the symposium which included local and foreign geoscientists from the academe, government and private companies, mining engineers, meteorologists, earth science teachers and undergraduate and graduate geology students.  We covered a lot of ground during the symposium with topics ranging from mineralization, tectonics, hazards as well as meteorological/weather events.  The final session was devoted to discussions of key issues affecting the geosciences such as geoscience education, government-private partnership and the possibility of forming a Philippine Geoscience Union.  We will initiate discussions with the various groups regarding this.

As announced during the symposium, we will invite the submission of papers from the oral and poster presenters so that we can propose special issues to the Resource Geology (for the mineralization papers), Island Arc (for tectonics-related papers) and Geosciences Journal (for the hazards and meteorology papers).  We are inviting the speakers to signify their intention to submit papers by providing us with the titles of their submissions and the names of the authors.  We hope that you will submit your titles by end of October 2008 so we can propose the special issues to the respective Editors of the abovementioned journals.

We have also collated the powerpoint presentations of the speakers who gave their consent to have their presentations distributed.  We are requesting DOST-ASTI to allow us to upload and host the presentations in their website until end of November. We will make an announcement in the egroups in which website the presentations will be uploaded.

We would like to thank our foreign colleagues whose presentations also offered additional knowledge and enriched the discussions during the open forum.  We wish to thank the participants who attended the symposium and we look forward to your participation in future scientific gatherings.


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