Rushurgent Working Group

The Rushurgent Working Group is the first multi-disciplinary research group at the University of the Philippines - National Institute of Geological Sciences. RWG was formed in 1991 when Dr. Graciano P. Yumul Jr. brought together a small group of researchers working on igneous petrology and geochemistry and geophysics. It has grown and expanded over the years as researchers with other specializations joined the group.  RWG integrates different approaches and specializations in understanding the complex tectonic setting and evolution of the Philippine island arc system. Our research group specializes in Igneous Petrology and Geochemistry, Exploration and Marine Geophysics, Metamorphic Petrology, Sedimentary Geochemistry, Economic Geology and Neotectonics.

Members of the RWG have been recognized to be very productive scientists and researchers and have been the recipient of various awards such as the Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos, Outstanding Young Scientist, National Research Council of the Philippines Achievement Award and the UP Scientific Productivity System Award.




Strengthening research collaborations with GIGCAS


May 10, 2024


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